Patient Testimonials

I appreciate all the hard work and follow-up Dr. Jacobs did to get me the pump I so desperately needed for my leg. Talk about ‘above and beyond.’ That does not scratch the surface. I have had my pump less than a week and the results so far are off the charts! If this doctor does this for me, I can only imagine how many other people she has helped. I would refer anyone and everyone to her without hesitation. Thank you so much!



Dr. Jacobs takes really good care of my feet and does a great job.


I initially came to Dr. Jacobs because I am a diabetic and it’s important that you see a podiatrist when you have diabetes. She has helped me maintain great, healthy feet!


I started seeing Dr. Jacobs because her office has better service and is friendlier than other places I had been.


I met Dr. Jacobs at St Mary’s Hospital when she was brought in on my case. She has done everything to save my foot and contain infection. I would highly recommend Dr. Jacobs to anyone!


I was referred by another doctor to see Dr. Jacobs over a year ago. She has been very kind and understanding from my very first visit! Dr. Jacobs diagnosed my problem very quickly and immediately got me on the path to recovery. The results were outstanding, and her professional manner made me completely understand the problem I was having. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of a podiatrist.


My outcome has been wonderful. Dr. Jacobs is a very good doctor and I would recommend her to anyone who needs wound care. She really gets into her patients’ wellness and I would not go to anyone else.


After she did surgery on my foot I was able to start walking again and became more active than I had been in years. I’ve lost weight and feel good again. Dr. Jacobs is the best doctor I have.


I was advised to amputate my toe but decided to get a second opinion with Dr. Jacobs. I was told she was one of the best doctors, and knew I was in the right place the first time I met her. She was so positive and worked hard to save my toe and take care of my feet. I had been to several other podiatrists over the years without much success, but Dr. Jacobs never gave up and had my toe healed within a few months. She really knows her stuff, and my other doctors were so impressed with how Dr.Jacobs saved my toe that they have recommended their patients to see her too!


My first visit was a revelation! After examining me, Dr. Jacobs made a device for my foot and my walking improved immediately. Since then, I had surgery for my hammertoes, and once again, Dr. Jacobs did a wonderful job. I would recommend her to everyone and anyone.


Only as a child can I remember physicians treating patients with care and concern, going beyond normal office hours and procedures for the benefit of a patient. Dr. Jacobs has shown these same qualities to me and I will continue visiting her with concerns about my feet. I have no doubt that if it wasn’t for Dr. Jacobs I would have lost my foot! I shall always be grateful to Dr. Jacobs for her dedication to my well being.